Sunday, November 27

NFL Week 12 Free Picks & NFL Weather

With  3 NFL  games on Thursday, 12 on Sunday and 1 on Monday, we enter the final stretch of the NFL Season.

Below are this weekends NFL Week "Free Picks" that we have consolidated from various web sites around the web:

Minnesota Vikings +9.5
New York Jets -9.5
Arizona Cardinals +2.5
Seattle Seahawks -3
Chicago Bears +3
New York Jets -9.5

For our unique worksheet view of which sites these NFL picks came from and a table view of the overall weeks NFL odds; Click Here

We are finally done with the Bye Weeks.

 Final Thought:  Weather forecast is for rain @ 4 games this week (details can be found HERE)

Question: Will any team in the AFC West finish with a better than .500 win percentage?

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