Sunday, January 22

2012 NFL Super Bowl Odds

Two games and 2 weeks before we have the 2012 Super Bowl 46 in Indianapolis.

2 of our handicappers are no longer providing "free" picks.  Hence, we will not be publishing free picks as we did in the regular season.

The one cappper who continues to post free picks is PredictEM

A good overview of the "Final 4" can be found in this article from the Bleacher Report

Here is a look at the current Super Bowl Futures:

As of January 2

As of January 22

Packers 9-5
Patriots 11-10

Patriots 3-1
49ers 7-2

Saints 5-1
Giants 7-2

Ravens 7-1
Ravens 6-1

Steelers 10-1
(updated 1-22-12)

49ers 10-1

Giants 25-1

Falcons 25-1

Texans 30-1

Lions 50-1

Bengals 50-1

Broncos 50-1

(updated 1-2-12)

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