Saturday, January 7

NFL Wildcard - FREE Picks & Super Bowl Odds

Below are this weekends NFL Week "Free Picks" that we have consolidated from various web sites around the web:

Cin / Hou - Under
NO / Det - Under
Atlanta Falcons +3

For our unique worksheet view of which sites these NFL picks came from and a table view of the overall weeks NFL odds; Click Here

  Weather forecast could play a factor one of the games (details can be found HERE)

Super Bowl Future Odds

Packers 9-5

Patriots 3-1

Saints 5-1

Ravens 7-1

Steelers 10-1

49ers 10-1

Giants 25-1

Falcons 25-1

Texans 30-1

Lions 50-1

Bengals 50-1

Broncos 50-1

(updated 1-2-11

Las Vegas

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