Sunday, September 11

NFL Week 1 Free Picks & Betting Opportunities !!!

NFL Football gets in full swing this Sunday and Monday.  Great NFL games provide great betting opportunities !!!!!

If the 1st NFL game on Thursday with the Packers and Saints is any indication, we are in for a great Sunday of NFL football.

NFL Week 1 will provide some interesting betting games due to the NFL "Lockout", new players with new teams, new coaches with new teams and new rule changes.

Remember to look at unique NFL Week 1 strategies such as the "underdog who lost 10 games in 2010" discussed by Wunderdog's  Geoff Kulesa on the ESPN Podcast discussed in our previous post located HERE

Below are the weekend NFL Week 1 "Free Picks" that we have consolidated from various web sites around the web.

Falcons -2.5
 Bengals +6.5
 Buccaneers -1.5
 Jaguars -2
49ers -5.5

For a view of which sites these NFL picks came from and a table view of the overall weeks NFL odds; click here

Good Luck !!!!

Remember to take a moment on Sunday to honor the victims and heroes on 9/11

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