Tuesday, September 13

NFL Week 2 is the most interesting week for oddsmaking and handicapping

Interesting read about NFL week 2 can be found at:

NFL odds: Week 2 opening line report

Questions raised include:

"Are the Chiefs that bad? Are the Ravens that good?

Where was the Falcons’ explosiveness? Did Cam Newton prove something with 422 passing yards?"

A couple of the key betting insights from the article include:

“...Remember that the rule of thumb for the betting public tends to be, ‘Accept Week 1 as gospel’ rather than aberrations.”

".... “because the performances in Week 1 didn’t match the quality of the teams…More data means you can tell whether one game was a fluke or the start of something.”

“.....Rex Grossman looked very comfortable, and they played with a lot of confidence, energy and enthusiasm,” SuperBook manager Jay Kornegay told Covers.com. “The key is how good Grossman looked. Of course, he can change colors at any times.”

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