Friday, September 16

NFL Week 2 Free Picks & Betting Opportunities !!!

Can the NFL week 2 beat week 1 for excitement and drama?  Lets hope so.

As in shown in an previous post this week,  "NFL Week 2 is the most interesting week for oddsmaking and handicapping".  Remember the most important quote in the article:

      “Remember that the rule of thumb for the betting public tends to be, ‘Accept Week 1 as gospel’ rather than aberrations.”

Take this into consideration in your handicapping work this week.

Below are the weekend NFL Week 1 "Free Picks" that we have consolidated from various web sites around the web.

Miami Dolphins +3
Chicago Bears +6.5
Oakland Raiders +3.5
Cincinnati Bengals +3.5
San Diego Chargers +7
Atlanta Falcons +2.5
Panthers +10

For a view of which sites these NFL picks came from and a table view of the overall weeks NFL odds; Click Here

Final Thought:  Only 1 of the 7 new NFL coaches won their first game.  Have the other 6 found out how their teams can perform or do these 6 teams still not understand the playbook of the new coach?

Good Luck !!!!

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